An Outlook for 2021

While we are poised to take advantage of forward momentum as the economy eventually recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, we are alerted to signals of austerity measures, tight budgets and wiped-out segments of the economy. We remind ourselves and our clients that the silver lining of massive change, adversity and hardship glimmers with potential opportunities.

Expectation for 2021 

RadPrime Marketing leans on an optimistic lever that things will improve in 2021 as we realize a strong potential for the economy to fluctuate—wildly. To be successful we know we will need to continue to formulate new ways to find, attract and serve our client’s customers whose needs and desires will continue to evolve. 

Trends that will have the most significant impact in marketing

The journey of volatile economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic will certainly affect everything concerning our accounts from client budgets and target markets to content and campaign tone. We fully expect and recommend that each client become even more focused in carefully evaluating every marketing campaign expenditure and its effectiveness.  

What is your company outlook for 2021?

RadPrime Marketing senses a cautiously optimistic business outlook in 2021 that demands being alert, mindful and vigilant as we all evolve from what was pre-2020 normal. Technology that we have used to connect with each other will be here to stay even with a significant pent-up demand for widespread travel, collective experiences and social interaction.

Matt Kalina is chief marketing strategist and founder of RadPrime Marketing, Scottsdale, Ariz. | USA